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Technical overview

A solution simple to use but built on advanced technologies


A flexible distributed system

Alizé is based on a framework to collect and route messages which can used in any network topology. Information are collected remotely (SNMP, syslog...) or via distributed agents.

Easy deployment and administration

All Alizé components are installable and manageable remotely, from any administration console.

Scalability and resource tolerance

The distributed components of Alizé pre-filter and analyze the collected information locally, thus reducing network traffic and protecting Alizé from performance problems.

A redundant and fault-tolerant architecture

In case a machine or network is unavailable, the components of Alizé reconfigure themselves, store or reroute their messages and resynchronize automatically, without any human intervention but by notifying its administrators.

A secured system

The Alizé architecture relies on a PKI, transparent to the administrator, which ensures the identification and authentication of each device, and the encryption of all communications.


Developed in .NET, the components of Alizé run on Windows and Unix / Linux, with the exception of the console (Windows only).