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Overcome limitations of current security equipments

Give yourself a real control center to monitor your IT security

Traditional security tools (firewalls, antivirus, Windows and Unix log...) are showing their limits:

  • They only have a limited view of security and of the organisation.
  • They are mostly isolated and do not speak to each other.
  • They flood the organisation with security information which are unusable as such.
  • They generate as many false alerts ('false positives') as they miss real ones ('false negatives').


Globally, these devices do not provide a comprehensive view of security and risks. Only a few detect problems in real time and thus don't really protect against them. And, in case of intrusion or virus, they seldomly allow to know the extent and the severity of the damages and thus don't help us to respond quickly to the issue.

By analogy with the alarm system of a building, with information systems an organization only has heterogeneous and isolated sensors but not a control panel to supervise everything. It is this need that fills our product Alizé.