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Control your Systems and Manage your Risks

Alizé provides a complete view of the status of your IT systems and of the real threats to them.

It strengthens and simplifies the management from end to end of your IT security and of your assets by helping you to:

  • Evaluate in real-time your level of security in relation to your business needs.
  • Manage and communicate about your risk management, through reports and dashboards that you can create - graphically - with Alizé.
  • Protect the integrity and the confidentiality of your business data. Alizé improves your service level by proactively detecting failures and threats.
  • Hold on your past and future investments - servers, software, clouds... - by integrating them into the perimeter secured by Alizé.
  • Control your software and hardware assets, thanks to the mapping tools and the statistics of evolution provided by Alize.