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Business benefits

With Alizé, you get:

  • A broad supervision framework including workstations and remote sites. Alizé can protect your whole information systems, regardless of its size and configuration, and without any shadow zone.
  • A global supervision of the security, performance and configuration of your systems. Alizé gathers in a modular framework numerous monitoring functions.
  • A real-time or a posteriori monitoring together with a "replay" mode. The real time allows you to act when an attack occurs rather than when it is too late, and the replay mode to replay any past sequence like a VCR.
  • A profile-based management of your devices and networks to supervise. This streamlined management allow to more easily implement your security policy and to detect any deviation from it.
  • An intuitive and customizable graphical interface. With Alizé, you can create views or groups of specialized views on all or part of your information systems: maps of your networks, event tables, matrices of installed software and of their gaps...
  • An advanced reporting engine. With Alizé, you can create and publish your own reports (pdf, html), from summary dashboards to detailed reports.
  • An open and scalable system. To supervise a new type of equipment or to use a new analysis engine can be done in a few days: Alizé can be enhanced at all levels by additional modules and its APIs are public.