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Alize - a next generation SIEM

Would you like to be able to:

  • View and control from one or more consoles the security of your systems in real time, and even to replay past sequences?
  • Detect external and internal attacks, including on remote sites?
  • Identify software and patches installed, view the use of resources (CPU, disk, memory...), detect failures, machines that are not referenced, identify trends?

Alizé, our solution of Enterprise Security & Asset Management empowers you to automate and centralize the tasks to manage the security of your Information Systems.


With Alizé, you can:

  • Supervise the security of all or part of your information systems.
  • Analyze and correlate your logs in real time, detect internal and external attacks, and replay any past sequence of events.
  • Map your network and automatically detect any changes.
  • Manage your IT assets - licenses, hardware... - and be informed in a single click of current states, trends, anomalies...

Firewalls and applications, workstations, remote sites...: with Alizé, you can supervise all from one or more consoles, graphically. Simplify your work too: Alizé manages your equipments by profile and allows you to easily create new rules which follow your security policy and broadcast them to all your systems from your console. In case of alarm, Alizé will notify you, by email or SMS.

Finally, you will value your own supervisory actions and better educate your users by communicating through the fully customizable dashboards and reporting that you can make with Alizé.


Interested? We invite you to browse our site and to contact our sales team for more information!

Download the data presentation of Alizé (2 pages)